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Zahid Ghadialy, MD of eXplanoTech also heads the training department and is enthusiastically involved in training related activities. Being an active participant in many global events and conferences relating to technology, he is able to bring the analyst angle into how different things fit together in the bigger picture and what are the potential issues and benefits with them. His area of interests include but are not limited to radio access network for 3G and 4G, Small Cells, Heterogeneous Networks and future technologies. He is very involved with the Cambridge Wireless community and is one of the champions of the Small Cells SIG (Special Interest Group). When not blogging about technology, he is busy reading, answering or discussing technology on Twitter, Linkedin and Quora.


Dr Triantafyllos Kanakis holds a PhD on Mobile and Wireless Communications with an expertise on MIMO and mesh networks. He is the author of Adaptive Virtual MIMO (AV-MIMO) and he has a long record of publications to some of the most recognised international journal and conferences.  He has worked as a freelance wireless engineer on a number of projects on the public sector and he has also served the Hellenic Navy from the position of an Able Seaman with specialization on radar telecommunication systems. He has also worked as a research engineer at the University of Greenwich where he has provided his services as a Part time lecturer. Later on, his teaching skills, publication record and research excellence led School of Engineering to offer him a Senior Lecturer position. He has worked as a Network Specialist Engineer for at&t in Czech Republic. He is the editor of the Technology column of www.in-thenews.gr and Athens Views journal. He has been actively involved with Cambridge Wireless community following many of its events and Special Interest Groups. Dr Kanakis joined eXplanoTech as a technical trainer contributing his technical skills and teaching experience into the expansion of the training department.

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