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In a career spanning 28 years in telecom industry, 18 of which in the cellular networks sector, Mohammad Khatib has worked on different cellular projects in the UK, Germany, Hong Kong and the Middle East. He was previously employed with Alcatel-Lucent wherein over the past 15 years he worked on the development of UMTS and LTE access network. He was responsible for producing architecture solutions and high level designs for femto cell, SON, energy saving network, multi standard remote radio head, RRM load balancing, NE upgrade, GSM network dimensioning and optimization guidelines, customized feature tailoring for 3GPP compliance and carried out several feasibility studies / investigation recommending business cases. HetNet and M2M are his newly gained skills. In his earlier career with NSN/ Motorola, he has been actively involved with planning, optimization, re-deployment, integration and roll-out of GSM networks in Qatar and Hong Kong. In the earlier part of his career, he has worked as a lecturer of telecommunication engineering and he continues to lecture at chalk talks and other speaking opportunities. He has a BScEng Hons degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering, MSc in Mobile & High Speed Telecommunications Network and an Executive Management qualification. He is CEng MIET and also the Secretary of IET Swindon Network. As an innovative solution architect he has interests in futuristic and cutting edge technology, consultancy and entrepreneurial boot camps and has several patents to his credit.

David Chambers is Founder and Senior Analyst at ThinkSmallCell.com, an independent website which has tracked the evolution of small cells from their early femtocell origins. With both an engineering and marketing background, and a career spanning product management and marketing for several large telecom vendors, he has gained insight and experience by meeting with mobile operators worldwide. Well known throughout the small cell industry, David writes articles, white papers and presents at conferences on all aspects of the subject. Based in a firm belief that the only technical solution to meet strong data demand is rapid deployment of large numbers of small cells, David continues to be a strong advocate of their adoption whilst pointing out their technical and commercial constraints. Sign up for our free monthly small cell newsletter at ThinkSmallCell.com

Iain Sharp is a recognized global expert on mobile systems and is well known in the mobile standards community. Iain started participation in ETSI GSM during the development of GSM Phase 1 in 1990 and he has been an active contributor to ETSI and 3GPP ever since. Iain served twice as vice-chair of the 3GPP Core Networks and Terminals Plenary. Iain has been closely involved in many of the developments of the 3GPP technology family including CAMEL, GPRS, UMTS Core, IMS and LTE Core. Iain holds several patents in mobile systems technology. Iain’s training experience includes work for major network operators, equipment vendors and solution providers. Iain co-developed an MSc course on LTE and IMS for the prestigious university Ecole d'Ingénieur ECE Paris. Iain is particularly interested in how growing data usage is reshaping mobile networks and has worked on hot topics such as traffic policy management and WebRTC.  Iain holds an MA in Electronics and Information Sciences from Cambridge University.

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