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eXplanoTech announces the launch of 5G training course

With LTE already on the shop shelves and LTE-A under way, there are already a number of open identified issues needing to be addressed for customer Quality of Experience (QoE). Technology of the 21st century cannot promise anything less than unlimited data, made available to the user at any time, at an affordable cost and within easy reach of high speed broadband. Online connectivity is more important than ever before. The increasing demand raises the question of the channel capacity combined with the network coverage an operator can offer. Solutions to these problems have been under the research spectrum for years but only contemporary technology achievements can label those solutions satisfactory. The improvement in the spectrum management and signal processing coupled with the new technologies allow mesh networking to be a feasible solution. While small cells aid the macro-cell capacity to offload. Small cells also improve network coverage whilst allowing “connected devices” to increase significantly with predictions talked about of 50 million connected devices by 2020.

LTE and LTE-A (the so called 4G technologies) can be the foundation of the next cellular / mobile communication technology already referred as the 5G. It is widely believed that 5G will be a network in a total mesh topology where any connected device will be capable to communicate with peers and with the operator’s network. Without a doubt, this raises significant technical challenges that we need to be prepared for.

Responding to the calls of the new era in telecommunications, eXplanoTech have tailored a special training course addressing all the peculiarities of 5G keeping its promise of “explaining technology”.

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