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eXplanoTech announces the launch of Public Training courses for the first quarter of 2014

It has been widely accepted that the most progressive and fastest developing companies worldwide, outsource the training of their staff. Trusting the technical training of your staff to a team of qualified and experienced instructors is the fastest and most effective training method that guarantees fast results and a very productive team.

The ever increasing demand for training courses on cellular communications and emerging technologies indicated us the need to design and develop a few Public Training Courses scheduled for the first quarter of 2014 on some of the most demanded topics in the field.

Although LTE is still at an early stage and expansion continues apace, cellular communication operators have already begun to plan and provision their LTE-A networks. In this environment and with the increasing demand in the industry, a 3-days training course has been developed by our training team in order to cover the main features of LTE technology and its evolution towards the LTE-A. The technologies associated with the LTE-A are analyzed through in-class teaching and presentations, practical examples, group open discussions, quizzes and tests.

LTE-A, often referred to as the "real 4G" is expected to set the foundation for the beyond 2020 cellular communications. For those who have a good understanding of LTE and need a training course dedicated to LTE-A, a 1-day course is scheduled in January 2014.

It is certain that HetNets will be playing a central role in the future of cellular communications. Different cellular communication technologies, small cells, Wi-Fi, 3GPP and non-3GPP systems, operating in the same or different carrier frequencies are expected to eventually integrate and provide customers with uninterrupted, seamless connectivity. Small cells and Integration to EPC is a course created for those who wish to specialize on HetNets and the near future of mobile communications.

5G shall be a network in a total mesh topology where any connected device will be capable to communicate with peers and with the operator’s network. Without a doubt, this raises significant technical challenges. The one day 5G public course will address the main features and techniques associated with 5G as proposed today.

Responding to the calls of the new era in telecommunications, eXplanoTech have tailored a set of public training courses addressing all the peculiarities of LTE, LTE-A, Small Cells, HetNets, 5G and many more keeping its promise of “explaining technology”.

For a the public courses calendar please click here. For more information / details on our public courses, please contact us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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