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Conformance Testing

eXplanoTech Comformance Testing Consultancy gives a clear delivery to management & analysis of tools useage toward assessing the quality of devices under evaluation

Scalable Architecture of Consultancy makes for ideal testing environments across individual protocol stack layers in wireless devices to ensure compliance with the latest industry standards across the full range of GSM, EDGE, CDMA, HSPA+ & LTE

Interoperability Testing (IOT)

Regression Testing

There are a number of areas that require this targeted Live Network testing specifically aimed toward ensuring product's performance is not degredated with the introduction of new and/or improvements and additional features

Design Validation Testing (Field-DVT)

User guide requirements are tested via a process and performed on a live Operator Network. This is to verify the design and performance of the equipment under test (EUT). The outcome test analysis works toward guaranteeing product quality and that it is fit for purpose for end customer acceptance.

Drive test - reliability field- testing

Achieved by verifying the reliability in the field of network operator coverage and connectability of device/s in Static, dynamic, urban, rural environment and terrain. In order to validate the stress situation alconditions testing is carried out against Key Point Indicators (KPI) drawn either on a custom generated basis and/or previous software and benchmark product releases.

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