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Simplify the Collaboration of Converging Communications

Connections have always been important to competitiveness. However, the word has taken on a whole new meaning and importance in business today. As communications become more complex, desk bound working becomes less and the sharing of information and working together over dispersed locations becomes the norm, your lines of communications can become overstretched and unwieldy to have an efficient impact.

Lost time, lost business opportunities and lost income cannot be recovered. Yet poorly joined-up communications and collaboration tools cost businesses these entire three daily.

Flexibility and a rapid response are critical. Customers have grown to expect businesses to operate around their needs, no matter when they arise and mobile workers need a simple, single point of contact, to eliminate the lost time, opportunities and frustration that result when it's difficult to reach the right people at critical times.

Convergence is now driving the digital networked economy and shaping the way we all work. In a nutshell, convergence means bringing together a company's telephony systems, data networks and applications into a single, integrated network whatever that network size needs to be. eXplanoTech ensures you can communicate and collaborate easily and effectively, so you get the job done securely and efficiently.

Data Comms and Storage

More than ever, the flow of information is the lifeblood of any organization. The changing way business now operates calls for ever-increasing amounts of information to be immediately on tap company wide. Regulatory requirements for easily retrievable data have become a key consideration, meaning knowledge workers in today's competitive environment are conditioned to expect instantly available data and services. These expectations have progresses from '9-5' up time performance to 'always on', allowing no tolerance for lag or downtime. The result: a profound impact on the systems and networks that support information flows. eXplanoTech’s Data Communication & Storage resolves are:

  • To provide an “always on” solution to support the business needs Inability to currently cope
  • A managed process to ensure Data Disk storage is optimized and cleansed rather than the constant cycle of purchasing faster larger disk space to accommodate storage growth
  • Creating processes to ensure that multiple copies of Data are not occurring on different Servers
  • Monitor and forward appraise the capacity needs rather than living in fear of capacity run out
  • Ensure that the Threat of Legal Compliance on Data is extinguished before occurring

eXplanoTech works with you to combine your business and information strategies, resulting in an all-embracing design that meets your company's current and future information needs. eXplanoTech will help you ease the time and resource costs often associated with information management.

Pre-sales and Resourcing

Having a Consultancy arm makes for a significant difference from Agencies that don't. We are fortunate to have in-house expertise that's positioned to vet and qualify candidates ensuring the best possible fit can be made in Technical terms.


We can act as your right arm, we will learn what you need and work alongside you in the recruitment process right from the start. Permanent placements come with all that is expected of a professional placement house. Online assessments, psychometrics, including placement alignment, are but just a few of the building relationship properties we develop. We have some prestigious Clients that have benefitted from this service.


Contract, Freelance, Interim resource is readily available through our existing in-house resource in addition to the established network we have built over our years of exposure in our industry sectors..


Enjoy for once a proactive service that remembers that you are a skilled individual who wants to be kept informed along the whole process.

Our recruitment arm is run by consultants with over 25 years of experience in supplying consultants throughout Europe and the UK. This knowledge of the industry sector helps us understand the needs of both Client and Candidate and allows us to provide a personal and professional service where everyone is working together to achieve a common goal.

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