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Our services

We are a customer oriented in-house mobile telecommunication training division, experienced in a wide range of mobile and personal communication topics. eXplanoTech provides personalized training based on reality experience in addition to our extensive theoretical background. These talents combined, qualify our trainers as highly skilled individuals designing and delivering courses that cater for different learning styles and support the process for such knowledge to be retained by course attendees. A continued commitment for trainees to expand their skills in addition to areas that require in some cases gap filling in the understanding of the latest mobile telecommunication technologies features importantly in our deliveries.

An objective is working toward reducing high costs of training staff by lessening the time spent on areas that are already very familiar territory by drilling down to the vital knowledge learning areas that augment the trainees directly. Challenges of a new technology can be a little daunting and we are cognizant that confidence needs to be established with minimum effort in short timescales without having the expenditure on salary and lost revenue from engineering support income.

eXplanoTech work as a team across its organizational infrastructure, this is equally the approach we adopt with the trainees/students in class environments. The number of attendees is intentionally kept small ensuring a team ethos is formed where the trainers develop personal relation with the trainees. Occasionally it is sort to provide after training support of which we are able to do so via emails, Social Networks & Blogs.

To satisfy your needs and budget we have created three types of service:

Our valuable clients