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Telecoms - Mobile/IT Industry Specialism

eXplanoTech have a considerable wealth of knowledge and expertise within the desired Domains. Its ability to Resource competent candidates spanning Executive, Senior, Middle Management thru-Junior/entry level candidates across both Technical and non-Technical are a proven service on which our other clients benefit from on a continual basis. We continue to emphasis the importance of skill and humanistic qualities within candidates which position us strongly as a specialist provider in the following two areas:-

Permanent Recruitment

eXplanoTech offer support from our resources division to source candidates that will result in our customers acquiring full-time permanent hires.
Contract Recruitment
eXplanoTech offer support with all contract resource requirements. We will either offer our own internal consultants from the consultancy division if relevant, or recruit contractors to fulfill the specific needs if the skill set isn’t in-house.

Our valuable clients